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DOI: 10.22395/rium

Revista Ingenierías Universidad de Medellín is a biennial scientific journal oriented towards building and interdisciplinary academic community among engineers. The journal covers a wide array of interesting topics for different branches of engineering as a contribution to the dialogue between their different specialties among which environmental, civilian and systems engineering can be highlighted. After an editorial decision of looking for topic similarities, we have recently prioritized the reception of contents on engineering in areas like energy, electronic, industrial and materials engineering, which have been consolidating an important presence in our publication..

  • LexRank with threshold to identify EF-ISF navigation patterns in xMOOC of Open edX
    por Fabián Andrés Ancona Anacona el día junio 28, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    The use of the Open edX platform to offer xMOOC courses by different Universities in the world, has led to a growth in the participation of students in the courses, thus generating a set of navigation patterns when interacting with the xMOOC which are recorded in the tracking.log file. So far there is no study that identifies EF-ISF navigation patterns of the set of patterns, for this reason in this document propose the use of the LexRank with Threshold algorithm for the identification of the EF-ISF navigation patterns.

  • ICT and Educational Innovation: Demands and Expectations
    por Mary Cristina Carrascal el día junio 28, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    In the development of the research project "Strengthening and expanding the coverage of postgraduate training in Educational Innovation with ICTs through virtual education strategies relevant to the socio-cultural context of the region", the meaning of Educational Innovations for teachers was investigated. Through 7 focus groups, with the participation of 168 teachers from urban and rural schools, public and private schools, as well as teachers in training, schoolteachers and university professors, from 3 different departments in southwestern Colombia, it was identified, through the use of the grounded theory analysis method, that teachers associate educational innovations with changes in the way they teach in their classes. In this way, the incorporation of ICTs is seen as important, since it facilitates teaching processes, motivates learning and improves the quality and pertinence of education.

  • Architecture proposal for MOOC and wearable integration
    por Marlon-Felipe Burbano-Fernandez el día junio 28, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    Conference Derivative Article. Every day, people need to be trained, either to complement their professional skills or because of personal interests that lead to their well-being. Online education, especially MOOC and SPOC are good alternatives for carrying out continuing educational processes, but are not enough when it comes to learning motor skills. This paper shows a research approach on how MOOC can expand its functionalities so that it can be applied to learning motor skills. It also proposes the development of a project to integrate three components: the integration component, the wearable component and the open edX component for the future development of a "salsa" course. Finally, it proposes an architecture based on the 4+1 view model, where the functionality in different areas of the design is shown.

  • Scaffolding system for solving problems in engineering education
    por Jorge Gómez Gómez el día junio 28, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    The demands of today's world have induced necessary changes in education curricula, teaching methods, modernization of learning scenarios, pedagogies, didactics, among others. Students now require learning scenarios where they can interact with knowledge directly; turning them into active agents within their training process, capable of solving problems. The main purpose of this research is to evaluate a system of contextual awareness as learning scaffolding in problem solving activities in first semester students of systems engineering, in order to analyze the effect on academic performance and students’ participation in solving problems. Results show that students who had access to the context awareness system as scaffolding for learning had better scores.

  • ICTs use since an interdisciplinary approach for support the training on ophidism a public health problem
    por Jimmy Alexander Guerrero Vargas el día junio 28, 2021 a las 12:00 am

    The present research and development work focuses on ophidism or ophidic accidentthat is a forgotten public health problem, which is normally focused on antiophidic serumapplication. Complications are sometimes caused by the patients; delay to go to amedical centre and the health professionals lacking knowledge of the ophidismtreatment. In this work, we design under canvas model a Massive Open Online Course(MOOC) on introduction to ophidic accident giving a new accessible, massive anddynamic training strategy. It is nourished by the students’ contribution; unlike traditionaltraining programmes. For this reason, it is intended to promote other forms of training onprevention and knowledge of the ophidic accident, which are priority activities in theColombian territory. To end, we highlight that there exist a considerable number ofunderestimated cases due to the inadequate registration of the notification forms.

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